Audio Dramas


Robert’s company, Dream Tower Media, creates complete audio dramas featuring professional voice actors, sound effects, and full symphonic musical scores. Actors with any type of accent imaginable are available in Los Angeles, where the offices of Dream Tower Media are located.

Excerpts from Delta of the Damned audiobook drama
Demon of the Delta
Storm of Flies
Reaching the Open Sea

Excerpts from One Night in Merth audiobook drama
Dareon and Blue Meet and Face the Thing
Dareon and Kora’s Secret Tryst
Tower Burns and Dareon Falls
Riding from Merth

Excerpts from The Blue Lamp audiobook drama
Dareon and Zazar Sword Duel
Blue Men Fight
Blue and Malika Go to the Palace
Moth Queen’s Revenge

Excerpt from The Strand audiobook drama
Guy Tries to Bring Hope Through the Strand

To hear full audiobook dramas and other episodes of Dream Tower Media’s variety show podcast, Literary Wonder & Adventure Show, click here.