The Blue Lamp:


Heroic Fantasy Quarterly:
"Adventure fiction in the classic style, Zoltan’s tale will take you from the mundane and into a world of magic and mystery not seen since the glory days of the pulps."

Black Gate Magazine:
"A catman, a mothwoman, and an eerie blue lamp figure in Robert Zoltan’s very fun and self-illustrated (well one picture anyway) “The Blue Lamp.” For any fan of S&S those three things should be enough to make you read the story. We know what we like and when we seen it we flock to it like, well, moths. "For those wanting to know more it’s simple: Two friends, a tattoo-covered barbarian called Blue and the poet (and master swordsman) Dareon Vin get into a fight. Wandering into the big city by himself, Blue ends up looking into the wrong magic blue lamp. When Dareon goes out to find him unexpected things start to happen. The two physically and temperamentally mismatched heroes bring to mind a certain pair from classic S&S but only enough to be good fun, and not enough to reek of thievery."

Tangent Online Review Magazine
" action packed sword and sorcery tale, needing only a premise and an enemy to defeat in order to accomplish its goal. To this end the prose, the dialogue, and characters do their part smoothly and come together to give the lesson that two swords are always better than one."


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Robert Zoltan is a Los Angeles-based author of literary and speculative fiction and host of Dream Tower Media's critically-acclaimed Literary Wonder & Adventure Show. He received an Honorable Mention in the 2017 Writers of the Future Award for his story, Wandering Stars. His fantasy adventure tale, The Blue Lamp, was recently published in Heroic Fantasy Quarterly. He has received complimentary notes from editors of five reputable magazines, including The Missouri Review (who said his work “impressed the editorial staff with its beautiful use of language.“), One Story, On Spec, and from the literary journal ZYZZYVA, which has published Pulitzer Prize winning authors.

Robert is also an award-winning songwriter and music producer, graphic designer, and illustrator going solely by the name, Zoltan.

His literary heroes are Conrad Aiken, Bruno Schulz, Freya Stark, Edith Wharton, Voltaire, Fritz Leiber, Harlan Ellison, Jack Vance, Ray Bradbury, Cordwainer Smith, Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, Lawrence Durrell, Gore Vidal, and Philip K. Dick, amongst others. He discusses some of his favorite books, stories and media in his blog, Dimension Z.

Robert lives in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles.